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AI-powered platform to script, preview and automate all your processes with an incredible productivity

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Write script with Markdown and Javascript

The smartest way to automate step by step tasks that no-code tools cannot solve.

Make SQL Query

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Install regular NPM packages to connect anything

Manipulate third-party services

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Use our list of recipes to never start from scratch

Make browser automations

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Make automatic actions to free up your time

Create dashboards

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Expose on the Web HTML pages and React apps

Instantly Preview results

Preview logs, HTML page, Form, React App, Chart, Datable...

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And Deploy online

Forget the production step and deploy in one click 🀯

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Organize your scripts

Centralize and find quickly πŸ”Ž your work with folders and tags πŸ—‚.

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Get tutorials

Learn about new libraries & recipes

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