Deploy dashboards but also any APIs and recurring tasks, directly from your notes
without the complexity of a private server


Create and follow your essentials dashboards and processes
1 Lifetime license is included
€5/month (HT)
  • Publish up to 3 Dashboards
  • Publish up to 2 automations


Publish and track all your desired KPIs and automate your core processes
1 Lifetime license is included
€25/month (HT)
  • Publish up to 50 Dashboards
  • Publish up to 10 automations
  • Priority email support


Share one subscription for all your team. Use the same space to deploy dashboards and processes
1 Lifetime license is included
Add licenses for team members
€150/month (HT)
  • Share notes/dashboards/reports
  • Publish on same space for team
  • Publish up to 150 Dashboards
  • Publish up to 40 automations
  • Priority email support
  • Priority roadmap requests
  • Ask personal help for writing dashboards

For the team plan, get licenses for your team members

Lifetime license

Unlock all local features to work with your projects and libraries. See the complete list below.

What’s included

  • Install any NPM package
  • Configure node modules per file
  • More export options
  • Lock files with a password
  • More themes

Pay once, own it forever

€15 euros (HT)
  • Perpetual license for current version
Got questions? Check out the FAQ, or contact us at

Unlock all local Features

your license gives you access to these features below
Add NPM packages npm demo
Install your npm dependencies and use them in your custom functions
Use specific NPM env per file npm demo
Configure each of your files to use a specific NPM environment
More export options export options
Export as HTML, PDF...
Export as script deploy code
Export in 1 click your code as a standalone node script
Lock your sensitive notes lock
Keep your secrets and lock your notes with a password
Change Themes lock
Go further in customization by choosing your themes

And the subscription to Publish...

Whole note

To make data reports/dashboards

Note example
report example

or just a code block

To make apps or automations

JS App

JS APP example

Expose JS app with private access


cron example

Run automatically recurring tasks


API example

Make an API to handle your data

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