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15+ scripts to launch a digital product and unleash your productivity

Real processes πŸš€οΈ

πŸ€– Make your Chatbot

  • Create your chatGPT assistant & Learn Prompting
    • βœ“ How to interact with the Chat API
    • βœ“ Assign roles and saved sessions
    • βœ“ Assistant API to follow discussions into notes
    • βœ“ Learning resources to create effective Prompts
chatgpt screenshot
stripe payment page screenshot

stripe iconPayment backend

  • Deploy dedicated payment backends to provide post-payment services
    • βœ“ Stripe checkout backend template
    • βœ“ Show how to sell a downloadable content
    • βœ“ Aggregate customers in Airtable
    • βœ“ Send transactional confirmation email

stripe icon Newsletter backend

  • Deploy a newsletter backend to collect emails and start reaching leads
    • βœ“ A Newsletter form (HTML with validation)
    • βœ“ A Backend to collect emails (Node + Express)
    • βœ“ A Google ReCaptcha integration to avoid spam
    • βœ“ Send emails to marketing platform (Brevo)
    • βœ“ Alternative using Google Spreadsheet
chatgpt screenshot
stripe payment page screenshot

stripe icon Personal Dashboards 😍

  • Deploy beautiful private, easy-to-customize mobile dashboards to always have an eye on your KPI
    • βœ“ Dashboard using KonstaUI and Tailwind CSS
    • βœ“ Fetch data from Airtable
    • βœ“ Mobile-first and easy-to-customize
google icon

Starter scripts ⭐️

Useful templates to read/write data with Firebase or with SQL database

      • βœ“ A webhook template to automate on your own process
      • βœ“ Stripe checkout payment backend
      • βœ“ A remote SQL database template with SSH
      • βœ“ Firebase client template storing data per user with Firestore
      • βœ“ Firebase admin template to monitor user data
      • βœ“ A webscrapping Facebook login demo with Playwright

Third-party integrations 🌐️

SAAS integrations present in this pack

  • Google Spreadsheet
  • Google Drive
  • Firebase
  • Stripe
  • Airtable
  • Brevo
  • OpenAI

Why you need this pack?️

All the scripts can be executed without Znote.
You are free to export and run scripts on your own NodeJS server.
It is not vendor lock-in